Introducing ourselves


Hoha specializes mainly in amateur and hobby players of all performance groups.
This means from beginners to lifelong players. In our country, the one who decided to start hockey will come to his own, so the one who plays hockey all his life. At our events, we strictly balance our performance. We make sure that teaching is always as effective as possible and guarantees individual attention to your needs. With us all professional coaches with a valid license and years of experience are trying to give you the most possible level of hockey skills. We are constantly following new trends in modern hockey and we are modifying them so that they can be used in amateur environments.
Our trainers are acting or acting as players in the highest competitions in the Czech Republic and with training they have many years of experience.
We use state-of-the-art resources used in Canada to create training programs.

We work with the project "Ice hockey's coaching Tools and Resources"

The one who hesitates whether the hockey is the right thing to do, can use the equipment rental - YES with us can rent part of the equipment after agreement for the event. We strive to provide our players with the best possible service, so at our events you will meet not only 100% service on ice but also outside.
Do you need hockey equipment or how to get started, or anything you care about?
There is no problem, you can use our clinic.
Everything we do, we do for you and your heart. For us the most important player is the most satisfied.