Hockey is fun

Hockey is great fun. Almost every kid ever played in Jagar, Plekance or Elias. In our country, adults can play for the big hockey players with all the service they have. At our ice hockey academy we have the necessary conditions for such entertainment. You learn a lot of fun.Everything you train will be used instantly in model matches.
Our training program is effectively combined so that you can play matches in the shortest possible time and further improve.

Hockey as a collective game

Hockey is a collective game, so in our ice hockey academy you will find many new friends and friends. Or meet old friends or classmates you have not seen for years.
Being part of a group with the same interest is a great feeling.
Experience him too!

Amateur hockey is safe!

Amateur hockey with its specific rules is not a professional contact sport. It does not play in the body, and therefore there is very little injury. The risk of injury is no bigger than football, basketball or volleyball. Increased health protection also contributes to modern hockey outfits, which are nowadays high on amateur and hobby models. If you buy the equipment for the first time, or after a long break, use our consulting room. We are happy to advise you how to effectively buy and save you a lot of money.

Sport for the whole family

Amateur hockey is an excellent sport for watching and cheering.
There is nothing better than inviting your wife, girlfriend, family, friends, and friends to your amateur match. Support for the environment is never to be thrown. There is nothing better than when a person in his life does something that satisfies him and makes sense - and it definitely makes sense with us.