The skating lesson

Without skating, it's simply not possible to hockey. For those of you who have gaps in basic skating skills such as braking, trekking, riding in the back, riding back, fast change of driving direction, etc., we offer our skateboarding star Rudolf Březina, ice skating courses for hockey hobby players in Brno.

Under the guidance of a trained coach, you will be able to learn the basic ice hockey techniques. Of course, skating is also practiced on our training sessions, but rather for warming, speeding and refinement. For those who are skilful, it is a good idea to leave these special courses that will give you confidence on ice. After mastering and improving skater skills like: riding forward and backward, tread, arches, turns you will no longer think about what to do with your feet, but you will be dealing with what must be done with your stick and puck.

Skating courses in Brno under the direction of a coach are intended for up to four players.